Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
ADAMS A1c HA-8180T
for ß-thalassemia

The ADAMS A1c, HA-8180T is a fully automated Glycohemoglobin analyzer based on HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and is highly effective for ß-thalassemia testing.

  • Measurement speed: 3.5 minutes/test
  • Measurement Item as below
    HbA2 HbF
    HbA1c (Stable HbA1c, S-A1c),
    HbS, HbC, HbE and HbD can be detected.
  • Column design with no more pre-filter change.
  • Color LCD with reagent level, graphs on screen.


Samples Whole blood or hemolysis sample
Measurement items HbA1c(Stable HbA1c, S-A1c), HbA2 and HbF
(HbS, HbC, HbE and HbD can be detected.)
Reagents *1 ELUENT 80A, ELUENT 80B, ELUENT 80CT
Column *2 COLUMN UNIT 80T
Measurement principle Reversed-phase cation exchange chromatography
Detection method Dual-wavelength colorimetry
(wavelengths measured: 420nm/500nm)
Resolution 0.1% Ratio, 1 mmol/mol
Measurement range *3 HbA1c : 3-20%, 9-195 mmol/mol
HbA2 : 2-10%
HbF : 0-100%
Guaranteed measurement range *4 HbA1c : 4.2-12.9%, 22-117 mmol/mol HbA2 : 2.4-6.3%
HbF : 0.1-14.3%
Processing speed 210 seconds per sample
Sample consumption Approx.14μL(whole blood)
Sample container Blood collection tube (12.3 to 15mm diameter) × ( 75 to 100mm length)
Sample cup(500μL)
Sampling method Cap-Piercing
Rack type ARKRAY racks
Number of measurement samples One-way transportation (factory set) : Maximum 50 samples
Loop transportation : Maximum 100 samples
Column temperature Approx. 39℃
Display Color graphic LCD with backlight
Memory capacity 500 test results ( including calibration results )
Built-in Printer Termal printer, 58mm thermal paper
External output Serial 1 port (Can be optionally used as an Ethernet port.)
Measurement conditions Temperature : 15-30℃
Humidity : 20-80% relative humidity (non-condensing )
Required sample volume Blood collection tube : Minimum 10mm away from the bottom
Sample cup : 400μL or more
Warm-up time Maximum 30 min.
Dimensions 530(W)×530(D)×530(H)mm
(Not including the hemolysis washing solution bottle)
Weight Analyzer: Approx. 39kg, Sampler: Approx. 4kg
Power supply AC100V-240V ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 300 VA

*1, *2 Reagents and column are sold separately from HA-8180T analyzer.

*3 Error-free measurement ranges.

*4 Guaranteed ranges for obtaining results equivalent to those from HA-8160 TP mode measurement.

※Design and specications may be changed without prior notice


Download for more information

ADAMS A1c HA-8180T

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