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Dec 21, 2016

Contributing to early detection and treatment of kidney disease
New release of fully automated urine analyzer

ARKRAY, Inc. is due to release a new fully automated urine analyzer, the AUTION MAX AX-4060, in early January 2017. New features have been added on top of the high basic performance of the existing model. It allows for the fully automated measurement of proteinuria and micro-albumuria, useful in the early detection of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), *1 and offers new answers to the needs in the testing market.

The AUTION MAX AX-4060, which shall be released by ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY'), is a fully automated urine analyzer that has been added with new features to meet the needs of the testing front line, while retaining the high basic performance of the existing model. Adoption of a color touch panel offers the user increased operability while usability is improved with a mode allowing measurement with just 1mL of sample. In addition the fully automated measurement of protein and micro-albumin in urine offers qualitative test*2 results useful in the early detection of CKD.

The instrument also supports the new urine test strips Uriflet S 11UA (due for release in early February 2017).Not only is it possible to conduct the simultaneous measurement of 11 items for qualitative urine testing, but the urine albumin/creatinine ratio*3 and protein/creatinine ratio*4 can also be calculated. Through these features, screening tests can be conducted for ailments such as diabetic nephropathy, including Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). As a result, the instrument can serve as a useful tool for the risk management of the onset of kidney failure.

Since successfully developing the world's first automated urine analysis system in 1972, ARKRAY has provided fully automated qualitative urine analyzers, urine test strips and test data management systems to the market for more than 40 years. Moving forward, ARKRAY shall continue to develop products with high added value in the urine testing field, and contribute to the improved efficiency of urine testing, in addition to the early detection and treatment of kidney disease.


(Left) AUTION MAX AX-4060 (Right) Uriflet S 11UA

Main features

•Proteinuria and micro-albuminuria measurement for the early detection of CKD

Enabling high-precision screening for kidney disease.

•Fully-automatic and high-performance measurement with high-level of data processing

Easy measurement: just set the urine sample and press the start key to begin. The system will store data from up to 2,700 measurements which can then be output easily as needed.

•'Drop method' for high-precision measurement of low volume urine samples

Urine sample is aspirated through the nozzle and a set volume of it is then applied to each test strip, allowing easy measurement even with small volume samples (minimum of 2mL).

There is a micro-volume mode that lets you measure with even smaller volumes- half that of standard measurements (1mL).

•Color touch panel with great operability

The system comes with a 7 inch color touch panel and displays information about measurement results, device status and operation method.



 *1 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Refers to chronic kidney damage. CKD has a deep association with lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, in addition to metabolic syndrome. As the kidneys continue to be subjected to worsening levels of impairment caused by CKD, various risks consequently occur.

 *2 Qualitative urine testing
Urinalysis is divided into qualitative urine testing, which is conducted as a provisional examination using urine test strips, and urine sediment testing, which measures formed components in urine such as cells and bacteria. With qualitative urine testing conditions such as proteinuria, urinary sugar and occult blood are measured.

 *3 Urine albumin/creatinine ratio (Alb/Cre ratio)
An indicator that employs the ratio of the microalbumin and creatinine concentrations in urine, which are simultaneously measured. It is used as an indicator for diabetic nephropathy.

*4 Urine protein/creatinine ratio (Pro/Cre ratio)
An indicator that employs the ratio of the protein and creatinine concentrations in urine, which are simultaneously measured. It is used as an indicator for kidney function.

Product Features

Name Fully automated Urine Analyzer AUTION MAX AX-4060
Release date Early January 2017
Meas. target Urine
Meas. items Glu, Pro, Bld, Bil, Uro, pH, Ket, Nit, Leu, Cre, Alb
S.G., color tone, turbidity (instrument measurement),
Calculated items: Pro/Cre ratio, Alb/Cre ratio
Simultaneous meas. of maximum of 13 items
Compatible test strips Uriflet S 11UA, AUTION Sticks 10EA/10PA
Test strip reaction time Approx. 60 seconds
Test strip capacity Maximum of 400 test strips (200 strips for each of 2 feeders)
Min. sample volume 2mL or more (1mL or more when used in micro-volume mode)
Processing speed Maximum of 225 samples per hour
Data capacity Sufficient for 2700 tests in normal measurement mode
Display 7 inch WVGA color touch panel
Outer dimensions 530(W) × 530(D) × 550(H) mm
Weight Approx. 40kg (Main unit and sampling unit)
Power consumption Maximum of 150VA (or less)

Overview of Uriflet S 11UA

Name Uriflet S 11UA
Release date Scheduled for early February 2017
Meas. target Urine
Meas. items Glu, Pro, Bld, pH, Bil, Uro, Ket, Nit, Leu, Cre, Alb,
(Calculation items: Alb/Cre ratio, Pro/Cre ratio)
Supported instrument AUTION MAX AX-4060
Packaging unit 100 per pack

This product will be sold through ARKRAY Global Business, Inc.
ARKRAY Global Business, Inc. is ARKRAY's overseas distributor.

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